Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photography Statement

My interests cross many of the technologies and styles that span the history of photography. While I explore the current trends in digital photography, I have also found great enjoyment in experimenting with older methods of traditional or analog photography. Whether sitting at a computer working on post-production work in various software applications or toiling in a darkroom to get just the right contrast, I find the various challenges quite rewarding.

Even though I have worked with some color film, the majority of my color photographs have been captured with a digital single lens reflex camera. I enjoy macro photography to capture abstract scenes that make the viewer look at something in a different way. I also photograph nature scenes and do portrait and studio work from time to time.

Experimenting with black and white film gives me great satisfaction and I have taken photographs on 35mm film, 120mm medium format film and even 4”x5” large format film using railed view cameras – the camera where you have to throw a dark sheet over your head in order to focus. Processing my own film and darkroom work have proven to me that photography, in its many forms, will continue to be both a challenging and very rewarding endeavor for everyone who looks through a view-finder.

I hope you enjoy my work and the only thing I like more than taking photographs is talking about photography. So if you have time, stop and ask some questions!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work Samples

So I've recently had to pull together some photographs that are representative of my work. The following provide a small glimpse into the types of photographs indicative of what interests me most.

Schenley Park Flowering Tree
Pink Hyacinth - Pittsburgh, PA © 2011
I began taking photographs more seriously in 2004 after purchasing a Canon EOS 20D. The options with digital photography seem to be endless and I really enjoy sharing my view of the world around me. The above photograph is a digital image captured as part of a series utilizing macro photography techniques.

Garage Tools
Garage Tools, Scan of Darkroom Print © 2010
In the summer of 2010, I took a class in black and white film photography and feel it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The above photograph was for an assignment to "find light". The traditional photographic processes push me to develop a broader eye. The craft of processing film and making enlargement prints in a darkroom helped me understand and appreciate how the art of photography has gotten to the place it is now.

Shenango Works © 2010
Part of my continued development as a photographer has been taking classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. It was during a course on Intermediate Digital Photography that I learned the process to create a high dynamic range (HDR) image. The above photograph is comprised of three different, long exposures at dusk. The images are put together in Photoshop and then altered in another application to provide the resulting surreal image.

Cathedral of Learning
Cathedral of Learning © 2011
This final photograph was taken using a 4x5 view camera on black and white film. When I tell people about this photograph, it's usually followed by me explaining that view cameras are the old style ones where you throw the sheet over your head. You can see what I'm talking about here. This photograph embodies everything I really love about photography. I am able to share with others the view I had and perhaps allow them a glimpse at something they otherwise could not possibly see. It also uses so many of the techniques that I have been building through classes and just going out and taking photographs as often as I can. It is simple yet complex and is the result of the pure joy I find in making photographs.

You can see many more photographs in my Flickr stream.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Harris Theater Gallery Show

Last night over 430 people came to the Ag Works gallery opening of In A Different Light. It was such a great experience. Tonight I'll be attending Art All Night in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood and will be exhibiting my photograph, Cathedral of Learning. In A Different Light runs through July, but Art All Night is one night only. Please stop by one or both of these events.